Topics to Consider

Topics to ConsiderTopics to Consider – Divorce Mediation.  If you are considering a divorce, you have many decisions to make, and likely many questions.

CJ and the Remboldt Mediation Firm, LLC will work hard to help you come to an agreement with your spouse so you both can create a path forward that right for you, your family and your circumstances. In the mean time, following the links below will give you some general information to consider.

Please also see the resources available on this site at this link.  Many clients find these resources helpful in considering if a divorce by mediation is right for you and your spouse.

If you are considering a divorce please call us as soon as possible at 404-348-4081 for a free 30 minutes telephone consultation, at that time CJ will listen to your goals and unique family situation and help you form a strategy that feels right and makes sense for your path forward.