Child Custody & Child Visitation

Child CustodyChild Custody – As a parent considering divorce, you may have worries about who will have legal custody and physical custody of your children.

No matter which process of divorce you choose, you will still have a relationship with your spouse as parents after your marital relationship has ended. The Remboldt Mediaiton Firm will help you keep focused on decisions that are in the best interests of your children and in the long term interest of your ongoing relationship with your spouse as your child’s parent.  In Georgia both physical custody and legal custody are awarded.

Physical Custody

Physical custody is given to the parent who has the right to have the child live with them.  Generally one parent is awarded sole physical custody with the other parent having visitation. However, joint physical custody may be awarded if parents live relatively close together and the child spends significant amount of time with both parents.

Legal Custody

Legal custody is generally the right of a parent to make decisions about schooling, religion, and medical care.   Joint Legal Custody is generally awarded, but the court may award sole legal custody of the children to one parent if the parents are not able to communicate or one parent  is abusive.

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Child Custody and Visitation

Many considerations are given in creating a great parenting plan and making custody decisions.  CJ can help you work through items such as:

  • Goals you have for your children and mutual goals you have with your spouse for the children
  • Both parents’ work and activity schedules
  • Children’s school and activity schedules
  • Parental responsibility for each day of the week given the schedules
  • Holiday schedules
  • Decision making regarding religion, school, non-emergency medical care and extra-curricular activities

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