Division of Property & Debts

Division of Property & DebtsDivision of Property and Debts.  If you are considering a divorce, you may be wondering what property you or your spouse may keep from the marriage.

In a Georgia divorce, marital property, assets and debts are separated between the spouses fairly, and is called the equitable division of property.  Regardless of the process you choose for your divorce you must equitably divide the property and debts of your marriage.

During the equitable division of property, all real and personal property, assets and debts acquired by you and your spouse during your marriage are divided fairly.  If a spouse brings property, assets and debts to the marriage these may be considered a non-marital asset and it is not subject to equitable division, since it was not created by the marriage.

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What Is Involved In the Division of Property and Debts? 

As a mediator, Cynthia J. Remboldt can help you identify marital and non-marital property, assets, and debts issues that are specific and unique to your situation. Consideration should be given to real estate, personal property, the marital home, investments, retirement plans, stock options and debt. She provides knowledgeable guidance throughout the steps of:

  • Identifying marital and non-marital assets and debt
  • Valuing assets and debt
  • Dividing assets and debt

Additionally, she can assist you in working out a new family budget that allows each to have an independent household. Issues involving the children, such as child custody and support should also be considered and ideas for handling those matters explored.

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