Parenting Plans

Parenting PlansParenting Plans – As a parent involved in divorce in Georgia, you will be required to create a Parenting Plan.

Parenting plans will be required no matter what process you choose for your divorce if you have minor children.  The Parenting Plans may be submitted separately by either parent or by both parents together.

Many components are considered in creating parenting plans.  Some of the items considered in making parenting plans or are included in a parenting plans are:

  • Goals each parent has for the children as well as mutual goals for the children
  • Parents’ work and activity schedules
  • Children’s school and activity schedules
  • Parental responsibility for each day of the week given the parents and children’s schedules
  • Holiday schedules
  • Decision making regarding religion, school, non-emergency medical care and extra-curricular activities
  • Transportation arrangements including how the child will be exchanged between the parents, the location of the exchange, how the transportation costs will be paid, an any other matter relating to the child spending time with each parent.

In Georgia there are a few items that are required to be in every parenting plan.  They are:

  1. A recognition that a close and continuing parent-child relationship and continuity in the child’s life will be in the child’s best interest.
  2. A recognition that the child’s needs will change and grow as the child matures and demonstrate that the parents will make an effort to parent that takes this issue into account so that future modifications to the parenting plan are minimized.
  3. The recognition that a parent with physical custody will make day-to-day decisions and emergency decisions while the child is residing with such parent.
  4. That both parents will have access to all of the child’s records and information, including, but not limited to, education, health, extracurricular activities, and religious communications.

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